Ti t l e: Evidences

Pairing: No Pairing, Donghae, Kyuhyun, Leeteuk

Genre: Humor, crack

Rating: G

Disclaimer: I don’t own Super Junior, if I own them I will held their private concert only for me haha xp

Summary:  This is what happened when Lee Donghae found evidences about alien’s existence


Donghae was reading a book at his room with a serious looks on his face. The title of the book called ‘I Am Number Four’. Suddenly he closed that book, put it on the table and turned silence for a while. Then he looked up with sparkling eyes and idiotic smile on his face. He stood up and hit the table with his hand and screamed.

“I knew it! Alien it’s real!” Kyuhyun who was walking in front of Donghae’s room with psp on his hands stopped his track and walked backward and leaned his ear at the door. 

“What the hell…?”Suddenly the door slammed open and ‘accidently’ hit Kyuhyun on the face. Donghae’s head popped out from the door and his eyes widened when he saw Kyuhyun in not a really good state. Kyuhyun winced while holding his face in pain and the other hand holding his precious psp. Donghae’s face was like this -> O.O’’!!!

“Omo! Kyuhyun-ah! Mianhae…haha…haha…”Donghae scratched his not so itchy neck while looking at Kyuhyun  with apology looks. Kyuhyun looked up with a deathly aura around his body. Donghae gulped while walking backward,away from the evil magnae.

“LEE DONGHAE…PREPARE TO DIE!!!!”Donghae ran away from Kyuhyun in speed that human can’t reach. You can’t blame him, the magnae is damn scary when he’s mad.

Kyuhyun was chasing Donghae all around the dorm when Leeteuk came into the dorm

“Annyeong yorobeun! I’m ho--.”Leeteuk can’t finished his words because one of Kyuhyun’s sandal landed beautifully on his flawless face. Ouch.


Heechul, Yesung, Shindong and the other members who was enjoying the “Fishy and The Evil Magnae Fight’ faces turned pale when they saw their leader, while Donghae keep throwing things to Kyuhyun to save himself. Nobody wanted to make Leeteuk mad. The leader who was has a nickname ‘Angel Without Wings’ turned into ‘Devil Without Horn’ when he’s mad and that ain’t pretty at all.

“Kyuhyun! Donghae!”Leeteuk screamed. Donghae and Kyuhyun froze on ther spot trembling with fear when they saw their leader’s face.


Kyuhyun and Donghae sat opposite from Leeteuk sweating while playing with their hands nervously. The leader crossed his arms while staring at them with calm face. Don’t get it wrong. The calm Leeteuk means he’s really mad.

“Now,explain.”Leeteuk demanded.

“Donghae hit my face with the door.”Kyuhyun spoke up.

“B-but! It was an accident! I didn’t mean to!”Donghae defended himself.

“It will never gonna happen if you didn’t scream about that stupid alien thingy!”Kyuhyun replied. “You’re really weird hyung!”

“I am not weird! And it’s not stupid! Alien is real!”Donghae puffed his cheeks like a blowfish. “And I got the evidence right here!”Donghae showed the ‘I Am Number Four’ book that he just read. Leeteuk took the book, turned it over and read the summary.

“Donghae, this is just a fiction story. This is not real at all.”

“But hyung…”Donghae pouted.

“No but, I don’t want this to happen again,arasso?”

“Ne…”Donghae looked down.

“Now, apologize to Kyuhyun.”

“Mianhae Kyuhyun-ah…”Donghae apologized while pouting.

“Gwaenchanha hyung.”Donghae smiled a bit.


Tomorrow morning Donghae sat down in front of the tv and watching a movied called ‘Transformer.

“………….I knew it!!! It’s real!!”Donghae shouted happily.

Kyuhyun who was playing his psp at the living room turned his head to his weird hyung and shook his head. ‘This boy is never gonna change.’ He thought.

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You Are The One[5/?]

Title: You Are The One [4/?]

Pairing: Jaemin

Genre: Romance, drama, angst, fluff, AU! High school

Rating: PG-13 [will go up at the future chapter]

Summary: The shy boy met the freshman. What will happen?

Chapter 5

I stared at the ceiling while thinking deeply. What’s wrong with me? Aish. I can’t Jaejoong’s face out my mind. It always appears again and again. I usually dozed off when I think of him…Geez am I turn gay or something? I rubbed my temples. Someone knocked my door so I got up to sitting position.

“Yunho? Are you awake? Breakfast is ready I just want to tell you that.”I heard Jae’s voice from outside.

“Okay Jae, just give me a minute.” I stood up from my bed and went to the door.

“Okay Yunho. Everyone is waiting for you downstairs.” I heard him say that and his footsteps slowly faded. I opened the door and walked slowly to the stairs while ruffling my hairs. Aish Jung Yunho get hold of yourself. I walked downstairs and saw everyone already at the dining table. I can smell something’s good from here. I bet Jae cooked all of this. As I finished my steps and arrived everybody’s attention turned at me and I just smiled and waved a little.

I sat down opposite Jaejoong and saw Changmin beside him and they’re smiling at each other..? What did I miss? I keep staring at them while eating my pancake slowly. Changmin whispered something on Jae’s ear and Jae just giggled. I felt my body turned hot from anger and jealousy.  I saw Changmin pecks Jae’s cheek and Jae blushed!


“WHAT?!”I turned and saw the Yoosu couple’s eyes widened in shock.

“U-uh we just want to say that y-your fork..”I looked down and saw my fork already not in the good state anymore. Tch.

“I’m not  hungry.” I stood up and went outside the villa. I need fresh air. When I was outside I sat down on the swings outside the villa and thinking. I ruffled my hair in frustration. Aish Jung Yunho, you’re so messed up. I do like Jaejoong. But he already with Changmin. Ani, ani. It’s never too late. I can fight for him and make him mine. I smirked at my plan as I felt someone tapped my shoulder.

I looked up and saw Jaejoong looking at me with worried eyes.

“Yunho…are you okay?”He asked as he bitting his lower lips cutely. I can just kiss him right here, but rush never been good so I stopped right there and just staring at his beautiful pale skin face. He blinked his eyes and looked at me confusedly and still waiting for my answer.

“I’m fine.”I ruffled his hair playfully as he smiled.

“That’s good to hear, Yunho. Let’s go in neh? Everybody is worried about you. Kaja?”I nodded and followed him inside. When we arrived inside I saw Junsu and Yoochun watching tv together and Changmin sat down on the window and turned around when he realized our presence. His smile light up when he saw Jaejoong. Somehow, I can’t hate him.

Jaejoong approached him and hugged him with smile on his face. I felt my heartache. Jealousy is a bitch isn’t it? Jung Yunho hwaiting! I must win this. I saw Changmin looked at me with narrow eyes and I smirked at him. He gave me shock look. Let the games begin. Jung Yunho vs Shim Changmin. Who will win this game? I walked to my room with smirk on my face. I must think of something.


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You Are The One[4/?]

Title: You Are The One [4/?]

Pairing: Jaemin

Genre: Romance, drama, angst, fluff, AU! High school

Rating: PG-13 [will go up at the future chapter]

Summary: The shy boy met the freshman. What will happen?

Chapter 4
I stared at the direction Changmin and Yunho went. What is Changmin thinking? Why is he dragging Yunho to play volleyball? Volleyball is a sport that needs more than one person. But why Changmin is just dragging Yunho? And he seems so happy. I puffed my cheeks. My eyes widened. Am I jealous? No...no way…no Kim Jajeoong are you kidding? I laughed nervously. Wait, I just laughed nervously. I gasped.
“Hyung.”I turned to Junsu who just called me.

“I am not jealous!”I can feel my cheeks turned red. Junsu and Yoochun stared at each other and than laughed. I pouted and I can feel my cheeks turned redder.


“H-hyung! I just wanna say I-I’m hungry! HAHAHAHAHAH!”Junsu laughed holding Yoochun’s shoulder for support. God, I’m busted. So embarrassing. And I just realized I’m still holding the frying pan hasn’t started my cooking yet.
Kim Jaejoong you’re so dead. I tried to ignore Junsu’s laughter and Yoochun’s giggle but I failed miserably.

“YAH!! YOU TWO! IF YOU’RE NOT STOP LAUGHING I WON’T COOK FOR YOU!”They turned quiet immediately. Finally.

“Good.”I continued to cook as my mind wandering to Changmin and Yunho. Are they having fun? I bit my lips lightly.
I went to Changmin’s room at night. I knocked at the door and I can hear him said come in. So I came in and saw him sitting down on his bed. He grinned when he saw me. I love that smile…


“Huh?”I blinked. Changmin chuckled. I blushed. Did I just doze off?

“Hyung, you were staring at me with dreamy face.”I can feel blush crept into my cheeks.

“Aww…I love it when you blush hyung…so cute…”He chuckled.

“C-Changmin stop that…”I covered my red face with my hands. And someone just remove my hands from my face. It’s Changmin, how suprising.

“Don’t cover your beautiful face hyung.”He pecked my cheek.

“Hahaha! You’re so easy to blush Jae-hyung!”He laughed.

“You’re teasing me again aren’t you?”I pouted.

“Awww…I’m sorry but you’re so fun to tease…and your reaction is just so cute!”He pinched my cheek lightly. I sat down on his bed and he followed.

“So, do you want to talk to me about something?”Changmin asked. I took a deep breath. Okay, here we go.

“Hmm…are you having fun play volleyball with Yunho?”I looked down biting my lips. I waited for an answer but surprisingly I don’t get that. I looked up and saw Changmin grinning like an idiot. What the?

“Hyung~ are you jealous?”He smirked. My eyes widened.

“No way! I am not jealous!!!”

“Oh?”He stood up and went to the door.

“Where are you going?”I blinked in confusion.

“I will go to Yunho-hyung’s room.”He smiled. My eyes widened once again.

“W-what?! No!!!”I covered my mouth. He smirked and sat down next to me again. He blew into my ears made me shiver.

“Hyung~ do you like me?”He nibbled my ear. I gulped. Now or never.

“Y-yes…”He pulled away and stared at me in disbelief.

“Seriously?!”He asked with happiness, disbelief face.

“Shut up and just kiss me!”I kissed him with much passion. He kissed me back as he wrapped his arms around my waist. I circled my hands around his neck. He nibbled my lower lips asking for my permission. I parted my mouth open and our tongue rubbed together in slow motion. I moaned in kiss. This is feel so good. He pulled away and I stared at him in confusion. He smiled and licked my neck. I shivered in delight. As he just sucking my neck the door burst open and I turned to the door and saw Junsu and Yoochun with shock expression.
I blushed and Changmin just smiling at the two. Junsu’s face turned into this annoying face that I want to punch so much.

“Ohhhh~ Jaejoong-hyung got a new boyfriend~ Sorry for disturb please go on.”He winked and closed the door.

“So hyung…can we go on?”Changmin asked eagerly.

“Sorry Minnie…I’m not in the mood anymore…”He pouted. Aww so cute. I pecked his lips.

“I’m gonna make it up to you, I promise.”I lied down on the bed and closed my eyes slowly. I felt Changmin snuggled and I hugged him while smiling. And I fell into deep slumber.

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You Are The One [3/?]

Title: You Are The One [3/?]

Pairing: Jaemin

Genre: Romance, drama, angst, fluff, AU! High school

Rating: PG-13 [will go up at the future chapter]

Summary: The shy boy met the freshman. What will happen?

Chapter 3
I went to the subway Junsu-hyung told me to go yesterday. Today is the day that we will go to Junsu-hyung’s villa. I’m so excited. This is my chance to get close with Jae-hyung. I smirked when I think about this. When I arrived I looked around for the others. I spotted Jae-hyung was leaning his body in front of the wall. I walked quietly and sneaked behind his back. When I just behind him I blew his ear. He jumped and turned around. I laughed to see his reaction. He blushed. I laughed harder.
“Hahahah! Hyung! You’re so funny!”He pouted as I continue to laugh. He walked away stomping. Aigo..I pulled his hand to stop him.

“Mianhae hyung…”I chuckled.

“Stop teasing me!”He pouted.

“But you are so fun to tease! Your reaction is too cute!”I pinched his cheek lightly. I heard someone clear throat so I and Jae-hyung turned around and saw Junsu and 2 other guys that I guess Yoochun and Yunho.

“Hey Changmin! Hyung!”Junsu waved excitedly. He’s always hyper isn’t he?

“Hey hyung!”I grinned and I saw Jae-hyung smiled at Junsu from the corner of my eyes. I looked at this one guy. He was staring at Jae-hyung. Who is this? Yunho or Yoochun? Is he has crush on hyung or something? I puffed up my cheeks. I heard someone chuckled and I saw Jae-hyung.

“Changmin-ah, what’s with that face?”He giggled.

“Nothing hyung…”

“Oh yeah Changmin-ah, this is Yoochun my boyfriend and this is Yunho my brother.”Junsu introduced them. Oh, so this guy is Junsu-hyung’s brother. The one was staring at Jae-hyung. I looked at him from top to bottom. He’s not bad. But I’m much better than him. I scoffed. Yoochun, Jae-hyung, and Junsu-hyung were staring at me confusedly and I just gave them my usual innocent smile. I can felt Yunho’s stare at me but I just ignored it.

“Okay everyone, let’s go the train is gonna take off soon.”The Yoochun guy said. Everyone lifted their luggage and went into the train.
I stared the big building in front of me in aw. It’s really big, nice, extraordinary just WOW. I heard someone chuckled and saw Jae-hyung smiling at me.

“Junsu is rich…so don’t be surprise.”He whispered on my ear. I nodded and still staring at Junsu’s hyung villa.

“Come on guys! Let’s go!”Junsu-hyung shouted. Is he always that excited? We went inside the villa. And surprisingly the inside was nice too.

“Um…Junsu-hyung, where is my room?”I asked.

“You can choose every room you want Changmin-ah.”Junsu answered smiling. Hmm…I walked around the villa and I decided I chose the room upstairs at the corner. I saw Jae-hyung chose the room next to me, I smiled at him and he nodded and smiled back.
I walked inside my room and unpacked. After I finished I went to the balcony and stared at the view.

“Beautiful, isn’t it?”I turned around and saw Jae-hyung next to me. I nodded and went back to staring. Suddenly I heard him singing. I closed my eyes and enjoying it. His voice is so soothing and beautiful. I don’t know why when I’m listening to his voice I felt really calm.

“Jaejoong-hyung!”I heard Junsu-hyung’s voice from downstairs. I saw Jaejoong-hyung turned around.

“Let’s go Changmin-ah…I think he needs me.”Jae-hyung said. Need him for what? Oh well, I just followed him downstairs anyway. When we arrived downstairs I saw Junsu-hyung in apron holding frying pans on both of his hands. I cracked at that view. Jae-hyung sighed.

“Su, you will burn down your kitchen. Let me cook the lunch.”Jae-hyung said and took the frying pans from Junsu-hyung’s grip. I never know Jae-hyung can cook. I looked around and saw Yunho staring at Jae-hyung with smile on his face. I narrowed my eyes.

“Hey Yunho-hyung~”I said in my fake sweet smile. I feel like I want to puke. He looked up and stared at me weirdly.

“Yes Changmin-sshi?”He raised his eye brow at me. How rude.

“Just call me Changmin Yunho-hyung.”I smiled. Where is this smiley guy come from? Oh well, I need to get him away from Jae-hyung. “Let’s play volleyball Yunho-hyung!”

“Why with me?”

“Because Jae-hyung is busy cooking, and Yoochun and Junsu-hyung are busy with each other! Come on!”I pulled his hand and went to the beach. I saw Jae-hyung staring at us with confuse look. I smiled innocently at him and went to the beach with Yunho.

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You Are The One [2/?]

Title: You Are The One [2/?]

Pairing: Jaemin

Genre: Romance, drama, angst, fluff, AU! High school

Rating: PG-13 [will go up at the future chapter]

Summary: The shy boy met the freshman. What will happen?

Chapter 2

I walked back to my apartment as I thought about what just happened between Changmin and I. Changmin… I can feel my cheeks turned red. He’s the first one who treated me like that…I don’t know…I felt love. My cheeks got hotter and hotter when I thought about what he did to me. I shook my head and I arrived at my apartment I opened the door and locked it.
I sighed when I felt coldness inside. I went to my room and put my bag on the floor. I took my towel and got ready for bath. I went to the bathroom and took a bath.
After I finished I dried my hair and went to my room to change. I looked at the clock. It’s time for work… I put my cell phone into my pocket and went outside. I locked the door and walked to the café that I worked in.
I walked to the table to serve some menu when I heard my name being called by familiar voice.

“Jae-hyung?”I looked down and saw Changmin’s shock face. My mouth wide opened when I saw him grinning at me.

“C-changmin?”I shuttered, still didn’t believe what I see.

“You work here huh hyung?”

“Y-yes, so what your order?”I asked as I coughed.

“Cute.”I can felt my cheeks turned red. He chuckled.

“Aww hyung…why are you so adorable…anyway can I get some cappuccino please?”

“Sure…wait for a minute…”I went away to take his order, but I can still felt he was staring at me. I went back to him with his order and I just wanted to go away when he pulled my hand.

“W-what? I need to work.”

“I want to order something again…”He grinned innocently. I sighed.

“What now?”

“Can I order you to accompany me?”He winked.

“W-what? No way. I need to work Changmin.”I looked around nervously.

“Please? Just for a while…”He gave me the cutest puppy dog face that I’ve even seen. I sighed in defeat and I sat down opposite him.

“Yay!”I shook my head to see his childish attitude.

“So hyung, why do you have to work?”He asked.

“Because I need money Changmin..duh?”I answered.

“Haha, what about your parents?”I froze when I heard that. I can felt his stare at me.

“T-they divorced and they’re at America right now.”I forced a smile.

“I’m sorry hyung…”I smiled weakly.

“It’s okay Changmin-ah…now I need to go back to work.”I stood up and went to the bar.
Aish…I’m so tired. I just finished my work and went outside. When I was outside someone hugged me from behind. I jumped in shock. I turned around and saw Changmin grinned innocently. He’s waiting for me? I blinked in disbelief.

“C-Changmin? You’re waiting for me?”

“Neh! I am hyung!”He said with that grin on his face.
“W-waeyo?”I blinked. He pinched my cheeks instead answering my question.=_=’

“Aigo hyung…why do you have to be so cute?”I pouted. He let go of my cheeks and ruffled my hairs. I pouted more.

“My hair!”I tried to fix my hair. He chuckled.

“Now hyung, where is your house? I will accompany you there.”

“I’m not a child anymore Changmin, I can go home by myself.”

“But I want to accompany hyung. And that’s final.”He smirked. I sighed. He’s really something. I walked and he followed me happily.
Finally we arrived at in front of my apartment. I turned around and coughed.

“Uh…we’re here…so you can go home now Changmin-ah…uh…and thank you for…”He cut my words. My eyes widened in shock. He kissed me. I wanted to push him away but it felt good. I closed my eyes and just enjoyed his soft lips on mine.
After he pulled away I froze and I can felt that my cheeks were burning. He smirked and patted my head.

“I’ll see you tomorrow at school hyung.”He walked away. I still stood here in shock. I blinked and got back to my sense. I opened the door with my keys and went in. I went to the bathroom and took a warm shower.
Changmin…Changmin…Changmin…no…Jaejoong you just meet him…Why the hell I keep thinking about him? I sighed. The warm waters went through my body as I closed my eyes to enjoy it. I need to clear my head.
I walked to my school. My school is close so I walked. When I just hummed song while walking, someone glomped me from behind. I gasped in shock and looked back. I knew it, it’s Junsu.

“Hello hyung!”He grinned. Junsu is my best friend. He’s at the same class as me. He called me hyung because I’m older than him by months.

“Hey Junsu, morning.”I smiled.

“Hyung, hyung! Tomorrow our summer vacation is starting! Do you want to go to my family’s villa?”He asked me excitedly with sparkle on his eyes.

“With who?”I asked.

“You,me, Yoochun, and my hyung!”If you’re wondering who’s Yoochun, he’s Junsu’s boyfriend and the hyung it’s his brother Yunho.

“Hyung, do you want to? Please…”He gave me his puppy dog face. Before I can answer his question someone answered it for me.

“Yes.”I felt that someone was hugging me from behind. I turned my head and saw Changmin put his chin on my shoulder and smiled at Junsu. Junsu looked at Changmin confusedly.

“Uh…who are you?”Junsu asked.

“I’m Changmin, I’m a freshman and Jaejoong-hyung’s new friend. Can I come with you guys?”Changmin looked at Junsu with pleading eyes.

“Of course you can! You’re hyung’s friend!”Junsu grinned. “I’m Junsu by the way, nice to meet you Changmin-ah!”
Changmin let go of me and shook Junsu’s hand and they were grinning at each other. I can feel that they will get along so well.

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You Are The One [1/?]

Title: You Are The One [1/?]

Pairing: Jaemin

Genre: Romance, drama, angst, fluff, AU! High school

Rating: PG-13 [will go up at the future chapter]

Summary: The shy boy met the freshman. What will happen?

Chapter 1

Finally the ceremony was over. I was walking at the hallway when I heard a very beautiful voice from the roof. Because of my curiosity I went upstairs and opened the door slowly. When the door opened I saw some boy with a blonde hair and pretty face singing with a big smile on his face. I sat down on the chair, heard him singing. He kept singing didn’t realize I was here.

I just closed my eyes and enjoyed his beautiful voice. I don’t know why. but his voice made me feel calm. I opened my eyes when he finished. I clapped my hands. His eyes widened and turned at me. He gasped, his adorable eyes turned big and pointed at me as he backing away.

“W-w-what are you doing here?”He shuttered.

“Eh? Hmm…let me see, I just walking at the hallway and I heard a very beautiful voice…”He blushed when I said that, so cute. “And then because of my curiosity I went to voice came from and I saw you singing.”

He looked away. “U-uh…I-I should go!”He said and wanted to run away, but of course I stopped him. His eyes widened once again and he blushed. He’s so shy.

“What’s your name?”I asked.

“J-Jaejoong, Kim Jaejoong.”He whispered.

“Jaejoong, Jae…a beautiful name for a gorgeous man like you.”I grinned. He blushed harder.

“W-what are you talking about?”He was looking at my hand that still holding his hand. I smirked and rubbed his hand with my finger.

“Let go…”

“No.”I smirked. “My name is Changmin, I’m 15…how old are you?”

“Sixteen.”He was still looking down.

“Oh…you’re older than me, Jae-hyung…”I pulled his hand and made him sit on my lap. He gasped and tried to struggle, but I held him just in place.

“Y-yah! W-what are you doing?”

“I just want to touch you hyung…”I rubbed his arms. He shuddered. I licked his ear and he moaned. Oh, sensitive.

“S-stop…”He closed his eyes. He struggled a bit but it was weak. I knew that he was enjoying it. I pulled away and I sucked his neck. He moaned louder.

“C-changmin…”Oh…I love his voice. I pulled away and whispered seductively at his ear.

“Hyung…you’re so gorgeous… I know that we just met…but do you want to be my boyfriend? I really like you…”I licked his cheek and he closed his eyes. I pulled away once again and whispered at his ear.

“So do you want to be my boyfriend Jae?”I asked once again. He stood up.

“I just met you!”He said while blushing.

“I know…okay, I will give you some time. I will make you fall in love with me, If you have a feeling for me. I don’t care if it’s little, tell me okay?”I kissed his hand. He blushed.

“I-I gotta go to class.”He took his bag and walked away. I followed him from behind.


“Why are still following me?”He asked. I just grinned innocently at him.

“Because I don’t know where my new class is.”He sighed.

“What class are you?”He asked.


“Oh…just follow me, it’s the same direction as my class.” I followed him when he suddenly stopped.

“Jae?”He gulped. I stared at him confusedly and looked forward. I saw 3 men with annoying face smirking. What the hell?

“Hey girly…”One man rubbed Jae-hyung’s chin. Jae-hyung looked away and his face was pale. My anger rise when I saw that man started to touch Jae-hyung.

“Yah! Don’t touch him!”I gave him a death glare. He shocked with my sudden appearance.

“Well, well, well…who the hell is this?”

“I’m Changmin you jerk, don’t you dare touch Jae.”

“Who are you?”

“I told you I’m Changmin, are you deaf or an idiot?”I laughed sarcastically.

“Changmin don’t.”Jae-hyung gave me a look.

“Don’t worry hyung, I won’t let them do anything to you.”


“This kid!”The three men started to attack me. Jae-hyung eyes widened. I just punched them on the stomachs and pulled Jae-hyung’s hand and ran away. 


Jae-hyung and I caught our breath as we panting.

“T-that was fun.”He laughed. I smiled and pecked his cheek. He blushed and touched his cheek.

“Oh hyung…” I hugged him.

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Merry Christmas

Title: Merry Christmas
Pairing: Jaemin
Genre: fluff,romance
Rating: G
Summary: Changmin gave something to his hyung on christmas...

Jaejoong just went back from his schedule with Junsu and Yoochun when he saw something in front of his door. Jaejoong raised his eyebrow and approached it.

"What is it hyung?"Junsu asked.

"I don't know."Jae picked it up. Jae opened it and  there was a cake. Yoochun and Junsu peeked.

"Hyung! There's some card!"Yoochun said pointed at the card. Jaejoong took the card, his eyes went wide and he blushed into a deep shade of red. Yoochun and Junsu peeked curiously and they smirked.

"Finally."They said in unison. Jaejoong was still blushing while he can't  stop staring at the card.

Merry Christmas hyung!!
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Yunho jealous of Jaemin

Title: Yunho jealous of Jaemin
Pairing: Jaemin, YunJae (not really, oh,well)
Rating: G
Genre: fluff,romance, humor
Summary: Yunho get jealous of JaeMin.

Changmin was sitting in front of his computer when Jaejoong suddenly hugged him from behind.

"Changmin-ah~."Jaejoong giggled. Changmin smiled to see his boyfriend's cute act.

"Yes Joongie?"Changmin rubbed his hands.

"Hmm...nothing...just miss my little Minnie..."Jaejoong chuckled.

"Aww hyung...we meet each other everyday..."Changmin turned around and pats his head. Jaejoong pouted cutely.

"Aigo~ you're so cute..."Changmin pinched Jae's cheeks. Jaejoong pouted more. Changmin chuckled.

"I love you hyung."Changmin pecked Jae's cheek. Jae blushed.

"I love you too Minnie."Jaejoong smiled shyly. Changmin grinned.

Yunho pouted to see Changmin and Jaejoong's couple act when Junsu and Yoochun just giggled to see them.


"Joongie...Ah~"Changmin was feeding Jae when all of the members was eating on the dining table. Yunho angrily pushed his spoon into his mouth and munched as he glared at them. Yoochun and Junsu turned at Yunho, looked at each other then laughed.

Changmin and Jaejoong stopped their action and turned to them confusedly.

"What's wrong hyung?"Changmin asked.

"N-nothing...ha-hahahahha!"Junsu laughed louder. Jae turned to Yunho and looked at him confusedly. Yunho was keep eating even though his plate was already empty.

"Yah...Yunho-ah...your plate..."Jaejoong said. Yunho looked up.

"Huh? Oh! Ha-ha-ha!"Yunho laughed nervously.

"Hyung, you ok?"Changmin asked worriedly.

"I'm totally fine Changmin-ssi."Yunho smiled creepily at Changmin. Changmin winced. Jaejoong looked at them confusedly. Yoochun and Junsu laughed harder.
Yunho just finished taking a shower so he went to the kitchen. His eyes widened and he fainted.

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